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My wanted thread: Looking for some stuffs :P

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My wanted thread: Looking for some stuffs :P

Post by Duckdude007 on Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:49 pm

I am looking for the following:

Coco Plane Set
The Level 35 Engine Shattergun
All the Heavy Bio Plasma Cannons except Heavy, and Tactical.
Any Super DX Boosters (Paying bunches of money's and stuffs.)
And, the Jungle Set.

Also looking for, but not priority:

Couture Rifle, the level 36 UR rifle part of the "Style" Rifles set.
Open Circuit Set
Leopard Set
Levi Set

Racing C.R.A.T.E.S - Gold Only - Will buy according to the following

Gold Racing C.R.A.T.E - Lvl 4 - 16 - 10k Per C.R.A.T.E
Gold Racing C.R.A.T.E - Lvl 17 - 25 - 15 - 20k Per C.R.A.T.E (Depending on Level)
Gold Racing C.R.A.T.E - Level 26 - 36 - 25k, Per C.R.A.T.E, 30k if Green Gullet.

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